Take Back Control

DatumWeb: Redefining Online Identity Management and Secure Data Sharing

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Personalized Solutions

Protect your identity with Identita and manage your schedule effortlessly with Agenda. DatumWeb is your all-in-one platform for a safer, smarter online life.

  • Store and access data anytime with Tetra.
  • Seamless communication via Voxa.
  • Efficient planning with Agenda.
Business Integration

Boost your business with DatumWeb's suite of collaboration and digital interaction tools. Enhance efficiency and user engagement effortlessly.

  • Maximize reach with Nexa CDN.
  • Centralize appointments and tasks with Agenda.
  • Streamline user onboarding with Identita.
Developers' Core

Access DatumWeb's extensive API for easy integration and innovation. Build with a platform that supports simplicity and functionality.

  • Developer-friendly APIs for quick integration.
  • Efficient data management with Data.
  • Embrace our K.I.S.S. principle for innovation.

Identita: The Heart of Your Digital Identity

At the core of DatumWeb’s ecosystem, Identita offers robust identity management, ensuring seamless and secure access across all our services. With Identita, you gain unparalleled control over your digital footprint, simplifying how you connect, share, and manage online.

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Our Unified Digital Ecosystem

Experience a seamless journey with DatumWeb, where your digital identity is safeguarded, control is in your hands, and all services converge into one integrated platform. From scheduling to storage, and identity management to interactions - it's all here, unified for your convenience..



Secure, simple data storage

Elevate your data management with Data. Our key-value storage ensures your information is safe, accessible, and scalable. Ideal for both personal and business needs, Data simplifies data handling securely.



Seamless object storage

Tetra ensures your digital data stays connected and secure. Upload once, and access anytime, anywhere. Have total control of who can see your digital assets.



Connect Beyond Boundaries

Break the barriers of communication. With Voxa, you’re not just sending a message; you’re starting a conversation that resonates. Speak, see, and feel closer.



Speed of light

Supercharge the content delivery of your Tetra files. Nexa makes sure your audience gets the best experience, no matter where they are. Be everywhere, instantly.



Organised precision

From Identital reminders to global events, Agenda keeps you in sync with time. Stay ahead, never miss a beat. Because every moment counts.



Find & Be Found

Navigate the world like never before. Discover places, meet people, or just find your way back home. With Locata, you're never lost in the digital world.

And introducing...

Our latest additions- it's all here, unified for your convenience..



Smart trip planning

Plan your trips effortlessly with Viaggia. Get tailored travel suggestions, easy itinerary management, and navigational support, all in one place. Make every journey smoother and more enjoyable.



Effortless Language Translation

Break through language barriers with Lingua. Access instant translations, specialized dictionaries, and tailored language groups for your every need. From personal chats to global business expansions, Lingua makes every word count.